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Century Plating specializes in Duplex Nickel, Tri-Ni – Microporous Chrome Plating on steel parts. We provide processing for all outdoor Nickel-Chrome specifications including those of the Automotive, Truck and Motorcycle industries. Century Plating also applies this outdoor finish, with its superior corrosion protection and appearance, to indoor specifications for many industries including Automotive, Tool and Appliance producers. In addition to plating, Century Plating offers complete polishing and buffing services for steel parts on manual and automatic polishing lines. After plating, a variety of processes are available for your products such as baking for parts that require hydrogen embrittlement relief. In compliance with our ISO 9001 certification Century carefully controls all of our processes to supply consistent high quality finishes that are delivered on time year after year. 

Our Clients Say it Best

It is very evident that housekeeping and cleanliness are core beliefs. We learned that based on quality, delivery, and price, Century is one of the most competitive shops in the industry.
J. Ebert, Harley Davidson
With support from suppliers like Century Plating we will continue to grow our business and in turn strengthen yours. The quality of your plating has been recognized by our customers throughout the world as outstanding. This is a critical attribute in the motorcycle industry.
Current Customer
RPC is pleased to announce that we have been selected as the 2001 "Supplier of the Year" from Yamaha Motors. Without your concerted and consistent efforts we would be unable to achieve such success. We would like to thank you for your involvement, assistance, and support.
B. Klaas, Rockford Process Control

Plating Services

We specialize in Duplex Nickel – Microporous Chrome Plating on steel parts. We provide a high quality finish that excels in appearance, ductility, adhesion, and corrosion protection.

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Polishing Services

Century Plating provides polishing and buffing prior to plating to produce a high luster mirror-like finish.

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Value-Added Services

Based on customer demand, Century Plating is capable of meeting many other requirements for value-added processes so product will be ready for the next step in production.

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