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Our Specialty

Century Plating specializes in Duplex Nickel – Microporous Chrome Plating on steel parts. We provide a consistent high quality finish that excels in appearance, ductility, adhesion, and corrosion protection. 

Base Material

Century’s processes are designed to plate on steel substrates. Some brass alloys are also compatible with our process.


Century has two fully automatic plating lines, each engineered to provide a Duplex Nickel – Microporous Chrome finish with one also providing a High Sulfur Nickel Layer. This High Sulfur Nickel Layer offers the ultimate in corrosion protection for the most demanding outdoor requirements. Based on customer specifications, Century’s equipment can provide a Nickel Only finish when the chromium layer is not required. Each machine is capable of processing a part size up to 19” wide, by 16” deep, by 48” long. Plating racks are required for all parts processed. Century takes special care in designing the plating racks so that the appropriate plating specifications are met.

Plating Specifications

These specifications set the values for thickness, salt spray endurance, ductility, adhesion and appearance as well as other parameters. Century Plating can meet and exceed all indoor and outdoor nickel – chrome plating specifications. Click the button below to view a list of frequently used customer specifications.

Frequently Used Customer Specifications

Century Plating’s process is designed to meet all outdoor and indoor Nickel-Chrome plating specifications required by major manufacturers. Please refer to the list below for many of the specifications that Century Plating processes.


B 456-95





General Motors





HES D2003-054


DSP-01 DSP-03 DSP-1


Ep-Fe/Ni, Cr







Nickel Thickness and Corrosion Protection

The amount of corrosion resistance of a plated part is directly correlated with the total amount of nickel thickness and the types of nickel layers applied to the part. Century Plating’s specialized multilayered plating system provides superior corrosion protection that will increase the life of your product in the field. In-house accelerated corrosion tests ensure that our Duplex Nickel-Microporous Chrome plating process exceeds your corrosion requirements. Our ability to adjust total nickel thickness results in a plating process that can meet specific corrosion requirements for any plating specification for both indoor and outdoor applications. For detailed information on typical nickel thicknesses and salt spray endurance tests, please click the button below.

Nickel Thickness & Corrosion Endurance

The chart below shows some typical requirements for nickel thickness and salt spray endurance that Century Plating can meet for indoor and outdoor applications. Chrome thickness will range from 5 to 10 millionths of an inch for all applications.


Indoor - Commercial
Indoor – Automotive

Outdoor – Motorcycle
Outdoor – Automotive

Nickel Thickness

.00020” - .00030”
.00040” - .00050”

.00075” - .00100”
.00100” - .00140”

Salt Spray Hours & Type Test

24 Hours Neutral Test
50 Hours Neutral Test or 4 Hours CASS Test
16 Hours CASS Test
44 -80 Hours CASS Test

The Neutral Salt Spray Test is used for indoor specifications and the more severe CASS Test (Copper Accelerated Acetic Acid Salt Spray) is used for outdoor specifications. While only outdoor applications require the use of a Duplex Nickel –Microporous Chrome plating process, Century Plating uses this process for both indoor and outdoor parts.

Ductility, Adhesion and Appearance

Century Plating takes special care and effort to maintain and treat all of the nickel solutions in its processes. The result of this effort produces nickel finishes that are very ductile, have superior adhesion and excel in appearance. Century’s ductile nickel layers will not crack when the part is bent or distorted. The strong adhesion properties of Century’s nickel will prevent peeling when the part is cut, bent, crimped, heated and cooled or distorted in any manner. The cleanliness and purity of Century’s nickel solutions also produce uniform bright high luster finishes without the common plating problems of pitting and roughness. This benefit of excellent ductility, adhesion and appearance allows Century Plating to meet the most demanding performance and appearance requirements of each of our customers.