Century Plating Company

Polishing Services

For the Best Appearance

When a high luster mirror-like finish is needed, it is usually necessary to polish and buff steel parts prior to plating. Polishing removes imperfections in the steel surface such as scale, die marks, pits, holes and scratches. Buffing provides a final smooth surface that prepares the parts for the plating process. The polishing and plating departments at Century Plating work together in house to ensure the end product will have a highly decorative and cosmetic appearance and meet our customer’s specification.

Automatic Polishing

Century utilizes an automatic 5-Head CNC polisher for tubular product. This system was designed to meet exacting standards of polishing and buffing for parts that have critical tolerances.

Hand Polishing

Manual polishing lathes are used for larger, low volume production, for both polishing and buffing of raw materials. In Century’s polishing department, skilled tradesmen use a series of polishing grits to remove scale, die marks and other surface blemishes usually present in steel stampings, forgings and welded assemblies.

Polishing Capacity

  • Automatic CNC polisher
  • 28 Hand polishing stations