Century Plating Company

Laboratory Services

Consistency Through Monitoring

Our laboratory chemists follow a detailed Plating Quality Plan to monitor our plating process daily through our on-site laboratory. Plating and cleaning solutions are checked according to the Quality Plan to consistently maintain their operating parameters in the optimal range. Production parts are pulled from the line on a daily basis for a series of performance tests to ensure that they meet or exceed our customer specifications. Compliance with our ISO 9001:2015 Management System as well as all EPA requirements is the standard at Century.

Our Laboratory Services

  • Nickel Thickness
    • Kocour Tester
    • Non-destructive thickness gage
  • Chrome Thickness
    • Kocour Tester
  • Salt Spray Tests
    • CASS
    • Corrodkote
    • Neutral
  • Pore Count (Microporous Chrome)
    • Dupernell test procedure
    • CASS test procedure
  • Ductility and Adhesion Tests
  • STEP Test
    • Electro-potential difference between nickel layers
    • Thickness of each nickel layer
    • Kocour Tester and Linear Millivolt Recorder
  • Waste Water Analysis
    • Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
  • Organic Brightener Tests
    • Ultra Violet Spectrophotometer
    • Titration Analysis
  • Process Solution Analysis
    • Titration Analysis
    • Temperature and pH measurements
    • Hull Cell Testing
  • Gage Testing