Century Plating Company

Duplex Nickel

Introduction to Duplex Nickel-Chrome Plating

In the early days of nickel-chrome plating the industry only provided Bright Nickel-Chrome finishes. While the significant sulfur content and laminar grain structure of Bright Nickel produced high luster, bright finishes that were ideal for indoor applications, Bright Nickel-Chrome alone could only endure two to three months of exposure to outdoor elements before the onset of rusting.

With the development of Semi-Bright Nickel, which is sulfur free, consists of a columnar grain structure, and a semi-bright appearance, a nickel layer was found that could extend the outdoor endurance to four years. Through the combination of the newly created base Semi-Bright Nickel layer, an upper Bright Nickel layer and a final Chromium layer, a new finishing process was developed called Duplex Nickel- Chrome Plating. This Duplex Nickel-Chrome finish provides a high luster bright finish with the added benefit of up to four years of outdoor corrosion protection.

More recently the development of Microporous Chrome and a high sulfur nickel layer has further extended the outdoor endurance of parts. Century Plating provides these additional layers through its Duplex Nickel, Tri-Ni-Microporous Chrome process to produce parts that exceed four years of outdoor corrosion protection.